Quality Water Treatment Solutions Since 1994

Integrated Cartridge SolutionsSuperTRAP-UF for the most difficulte of water quality problems Scale Control for Water HeatersCASCADIAN Automatic SoftenersTwin Always Soft SoftenerAutomatic Backwashing Filters


Solutions for any Water Quality Problem:

Whether you need a treatment solution for a single problem or a complex set of problems there is a water treatment or fluid filtration solution to provide you with the water quality you expect and deserve. Whether you need parts and supplies for an existing system or solution designed specifically for your needs we are here for you.

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Automatic Filters

High efficiency fully automatic filters

Automatic Softeners

High efficiency fully automatic softeners

Bag Filters

High flow and high capacity bag filters.

Brine Tanks

From Structural, 18", 24" and 30" round and rectangular. All tanks are fully assembled and ready to install with salt grid, well, safety float and over flow drain fitting.

Cartridge Filters

NSF approved filtration cartridges and components. All standard sizes

Cartridge Tanks

High Flow Cartridge Filters to 150 GPM



ICS Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Our ICS Series of Cartridge Filter Solutions will successfully treat many water quality problems for years to come with unmatched reliability and with a flow rate of up to 15 gpm are a great solution for a wide variety of applications..

Point of Use Systems

Small Point of Use Treatment Systems including, In-Line, Quick Change, Under Sink and Ultraviolet

Reverse Osmosis

Point of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Scale Control System

Scale Control System with PolyHalt® protects your heat exchanger from hardness scale deposits and corrosion. Saves wasted energy and reduces operating, maintenance and replacements costs.

Structural Tanks
and Components

Tanks, Adapters, Distributors and Accessories.

Timers and Controllers

Filter and softener Timers and controllers.


SuperTRAP-UF - High Flow Ultrafiltration down to 0.01 micron for the toughest water problems.


Luminor ultraviolet disinfection systems